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Sfeer Theory Catalogue 3

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“I suppose you could say it began the way it always had.

Barring the fact things had changed completely.”

A professor at Uitspan University has been attacked, but that's not the first thing on Luca Valentino's mind.

Having stumbled on the work of the mysterious Tomias Ainsel, a visiting professor at Uitspan University, Luca's next lesson in Sfeer Theory is proving to be the hardest yet. As he attempts to learn more about the young professor and his yet unnamed work, Luca must confront the long buried truths about himself and his time at Uitspan – and the shortcomings of the upstart Ainsel.

If that weren't enough, the exceedingly bizarre and inebriated Ferdinand crosses path, and with him comes a whole new set of problems, as he takes Luca for a ride he'll wish he could forget.

Features a book exclusive extra short story: "From the Notes of J.E. Hoffman, Graves Case Study." The peculiar case report documenting a boy who failed to learn the limits of his own sfeer, and the people who are forced to suffer him.



  • Ebook: *.PDF, 109 Pages, 88 MB
  • Physical Book: Soft Cover, 108 pages, 8 x 12"