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Sfeer Theory Catalogue 2

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“It was never about who started it.
To the people of Savigny, the matter was clear...”

Two years prior to Luca Valentino's encounter with the mysterious Balzac, the northern principality of Valence lies on the brink of a great conflict. Long chafing under the watch of the powerful Warran Empire, the citizens of Valence have long since grown weary of the waning attentions of their neighbor to the south.

Still, as a Warran soldier posted in the peaceful border city of Vatan, war is the last thing on Corporal Breis' mind the morning he finds himself late for a routine guard post. Little does he know what he'll encounter along the way, and little does he know those five extra minutes will determine the future of not one, but two countries...

Features a book exclusive extra short story: "Postcards From Savigny." Citizen Montmartre writes to her cousin of her visit to Saint Antoinette’s Hospital for the Infirm, addressing a particular case of the Warran patient in room yellow-13.



  • Ebook: *.PDF, 54 Pages, 37 MB
  • Physical Book: Soft Cover, 56 pages, 8 x 12"