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Siege Perilous, Charge Two: Dancing In The Dark

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“Good morning, Theo,” said Percy. “What do you think of all this?”

“Think of what?” he asked, blankly. “I don’t acknowledge municipal incompetence.”

Among the Knights of Peace in Avalon, there are many divisions: Siege Luminous deals with covert ops, Siege Wondrous with magical propriety, and Siege Glorious handles the general hero business... but in a modern fantasy city that serves as the intersection of thirteen magical realms, there is one division that focuses on peace between the realms: Siege Perilous.

A sudden, mysterious blackout knocks out half the city. While many hope it's an easily fixable issue regarding technological failure, faulty service, or an error by dwarves, the reality is something a lot more frustrating: an undead sentient darkness rooting in the main subway tunnel.



  • Ebook: *.PDF, 45 Pages, 12 MB