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Siege Perilous, Charge One: Storm Warning

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“If there is a puddle, will you lay your coat down for me?”

“If that puddle tries to kill you, Miss May, I’ll stab it with my sword.”


Among the Knights of Peace in Avalon, there are many divisions: Siege Luminous deals with covert ops, Siege Wondrous with magical propriety, and Siege Glorious handles the general hero business... but in a modern fantasy city that serves as the intersection of thirteen magical realms, there is one division that focuses on peace between the realms: Siege Perilous.

When a raging dragon bears down on the coast, it is up to the young Knight-Captain Percy Anfort to figure out how to pacify it – without causing an interworld crisis in the process.



  • Ebook: *.PDF, 54 Pages, 15 MB